Evolution of The Falcon

The 1st Black Action Figure


The Falcon is the first African-American superhero, and the first Black superhero with his own action figure, which debuted in the 1974.

As we shared earlier here, Falcon was Captain America’s superhero partner, and shared co-billing on the comic book series Captain America and the Falcon in the 70s.

As the superhero Falcon, Sam Wilson uses mechanical wings to fly, granting him limited telepathic and empathic control over birds.

Super FLY

from Past

to Present

Always sporting his signature wings, the Falcon action figure has evolved dramatically over the years.

You can see for your self when you peek below at our favorite versions of Falcon’s action figures.

We are digging the broad range from
vintage to modern,
silly to serious,
tiny to huge.

Check it out

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Lil bit of “Ch-Check It Out” by old school hip hop’s Beastie Boys

Old School Falcons


[Original action figure from the 70s }


[12-inch action figure with 5-point articulation $16.88 HERE}

Small Falcon: Big On Details – Tiny In Size

[Marvel, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Super Soldier Gear Action Figure, Rocket Storm Falcon]

This Falcon is only about 3.5 inches tall but has plenty of details including missile pack and missile.  Get yours HERE.

Big Falcon: Giving You A Hand full & an Ear Full

This modern Marvel Titan Hero Series Electronic Falcon Hero features battle sounds and phrases. This12-inch action figures with 5-point articulation and is available for purchase HERE.

Falcon For The Little Ones

Playskool Heroes Super Hero Adventures Captain America & Marvels Falcon Toy

Little heroes can create big adventures with this Falcon.  The size and shape make it easier for little hangs to manipulate and play with him.  Get yours HERE.

Silly Falcon

  • Fun, high quality version of Falcon
  • Appeals to collectors, fans, and kids of all ages
  • Recommended for Ages 3+
  • Approximately 6 Inch tall
  • Available HERE for less than $15
Mr. Potatoehead Falcon may be all fun and games but this next Falcon is SERIOUS.   Seriously on point.  Not messing around.
In honor of how seriously on point this next Falcon action figure is, we are sharing some Eric B. & Rakim for your listening & viewing pleasure as you check out below the inspiration for this soundtrack.


“I Aint No Joke” Falcon

This is the highly-anticipated Falcon Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from Captain America: The Winter Soldier,

This 12-inch movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Anthony Mackie as Falcon in the film. Featuring a finely detailed costume, LED light up flight backpack, Falcon’s signature wings, weapons, and a dynamic figure stand perfect for flight poses. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch this high-flying ally of Captain America. You can find it HERE.